You are under a lot of pressure. You have to win, you have to make quota, and your team has to be ready to perform—in any situation. Download The 13 Must-Knows for Sales Leaders and eliminate yourself from the 40% of leaders who are short-lived.

  • Learn 13 tips to becoming a successful sales leader
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You know how to sell, but leading a sales team can be an evolution for some leaders. Our goal is to empower you to Be Ready to lead, and in turn, sell more and service better.

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Chip Bell is a world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation. He has authored over 20 books and written over 400 articles for business journals and magazines on the topic of customer service. He has appeared live on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, NPR, ABC and his work has been featured in Fortune, Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. In 2015, he was ranked the #1 keynote speaker in the world on customer service. His newest book is Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service. He can be reached at
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